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Hindu Puja Services by Samkhya Vastu
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Vedic Pujas are a collection of rituals performed to attract prosperity and perfect happiness. Puja ceremonies also purify our mind, body and soul. These rituals create a positive atmosphere around us and simultaneously negate the ill effects of our bad karma. Elaborate steps coupled with chanting of mantras in Sanskrit and the tradition of offering many things like sweets, fruits, flowers, milk, etc. to the God make any puja ceremony, a special one.

Pujas are not magic tricks but are a kind of prayers in which we try to please the almighty God and ask him to relive us from the sufferings we are going through at present or which we may attract in future. These rituals when performed according to the vedic procedures and with utmost devotion can take us close to that divine energy or God and help us experience physical and mental well being.

Vedic Pujas are performed at various occasions. These pujas can be performed for an individual and also for a group of people belonging to one or more families. If due to some reasons a person can’t take part in the puja then in his absence, puja can also be performed for his wishes or ‘sankalp’.

All types of our pujas and homas are performed by highly experienced pundits who are well versed in the intricacies of these vedic rituals. On clients’ request these pujas and homas can be performed in the temples and ghats of Haridwar and also elsewhere in India.

There are numerous Vedic Pujas that can be performed for the clients like Shri Durga Path, Shri Rudra Abhishek, Maha Mritunjay Jap, Kaal Sarp Yog, Vishnu Pratimah Vivah, Kumbh Vivah, Santaan Gopaal Jap, Parthivaisvar Nitimani Pujan, Tuladaan Vidhi Pujan and Pitra Karma are just to name a few.