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Numerology Consutancy by Samkhya Vastu
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Numerology is bit different from astrology as it does not entirely involve predicting the future of an individual; it involves showing the right path to them. As the name suggests it is a branch of science that entirely depends on the number and tells its meaning and relation to a person. To frame it in a proper definition, you can say numerology is a belief that explains the relationship between numbers and coinciding events. Numerology is one such branch that people believe from all over the world as it is said to be a universal language.

What is numerology?

It involves extracting certain information about one’s life from their date of birth. With the help of numerology your past, present, and future can also be predicted. The numbers 1 to 9 may seem just mere numbers to you, but they are so much more than that. These numbers leave a powerful influence on one’s life. The numerologist specialist does the complex calculation for their clients and guides them with the right solution if they find something is not going right.

How it helps an individual?

A person while struggling in his life often gets confused about what to do and how to deal with different life scenarios, at times like these numerology helps a person to find him answers about various life questions, whether it is related to his personal life or professional life. Although there are many people out there promising you to provide genuine solutions, you should be careful about whom to choose because if on one hand, the right numerologist can make your life, on other the wrong one can make situations worse for you, as you don't want to risk your life because of such people.

Why you should trust us?

In Samkhya Vastu, we work for people and our goal is to use our gifted knowledge in helping the ones in need so that they can lead a peaceful life. Here both Acharya Sanjay S mendiratta and Acharya Rajeev Trilochan use their entire life's knowledge and spend most of their time consulting and helping others. They don’t want their clients to suffer and that is why although being based on Delhi NCR, they travel to different cities and different parts of the world to help people struggling with different life issues.

Work to provide an easy yet effective solution

With their love and quest towards numerological and astrological knowledge, they have helped and continued helping the one in need. They understand the power of numerology and how effective it can be in solving others' life, and that is why using it to help other people. They use various astrological aspects including numerology, Vedic astrology, Vastu, etc. to understand the core problem of their clients and provide them with the most effective yet easy solution. If you are one of those people who are tired and frustrated with life and feeling hesitant to talk, then this can be your golden chance.