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The quality of a plot is based on the position of Roads around it are classified into following four categories depending upon number of roads around the plot. The maximum number of roads are 4 and minimum one in a normal plot. The classifications are:

* Excellent

* Very good

* Good

* Average

The roads should not be higher than the plinth level of the buildings otherwise it can cause ill affects to the occupants.

* Excellent

  • The plot on North-South axis should be more than East-West axis.
  • Roads on all the four side should be without any Veedhi shoola.
  • Slopes in plot should be from South to North and West to East.
  • Plot should either be square or rectangular. The ratio of length and width being 2:1
  • North and East sides should be open and heavy structures should be in South West.
  • The plot, if extended, should only be in North East, East or North.

Such types of plots are suitable only for industrial, commercial or public utilities. Residential housing on such plots is not advisable on account of higher pollution level in the area viz. noise, pollution of air, smoke etc. Such plot brings all round prosperity, peace of mind, name and fame etc. The entrance should be only from East, North from positive position of the plot as shown in the chart of Directional Energy Fields.


Plots having roads on the North and West side, road on West side at higher level compared to East side and Slopes downward on the Northern side. Such type of plots brings prosperity to occupants including financial and physical.

* Very Good


Plot with road on 3 sides. Roads on East, West and North - Provided West side is at a higher level and entrance is from the North West roads are higher than other and entrance is from North Side, such type of plots will bring the prosperity to the occupants, name and fame. Entrance from positive zone only.

* Plots having roads on 2 sides

*Roads on East and West sides: East Side roads at lower level than the West, entrance should be from East.

  • Slope of road towards North i.e. downward.
  • Plot having downward slope to East and North.
  • Pond, Sea, river or lake on East Side after road. High building on West.

 * Roads on South and North: North road at lowers level than the South and entrance from North.

  • Slope of road towards East.
  • Plot having down ward slope to East North.
  • Pond, sea, river or lake on North side after roads.
  • High Building on South.

* Plot having roads on one direction

Plots with road on East or North side with a down ward slope on the North/ East side and tall building on West or South. The entrance should be North or East and from positive position only. From other location it will bring problem to the family life of the occupant.


Such type of plots brings financial and physical prosperity to the occupants of average level.

Road on 3 Sides

  • Road on North, East and South, Road on South side at higher level entrance should be from East from positive position of the plot. Entrance from other sides will affect female members.
  • Road on North, South and Western side, entrance should be from Western face from positive position of the plot. Entrance from other locations will bring misfortunes to progeny of the occupants.

Road on 2 sides

  • Road on North and South side, tall building on South sides.
  • Road in North and South, Tall building on East sides, road on South lower and West side vacant - The entrance should be from Northern Side and that too from positive position of the Plot. Road on one side
  • Road on East side, down ward slope towards North and East side. Tall building South and West side. Provided entrance is kept in positive position of plot.
  • Road on Western side and downward slopes on Eastern side.

Average Type

Road on 3 Sides

  • Roads on East, South and West. Entrance should be from Southern face from positive position. Entrance from other side will bring misfortune in business and lowering of wealth.

Road on 2 Sides

  • Roads in South and East with downward South and Tall Building or rocks or mountain on East, West and North.
  • Road on the North and the South and entire downward slopes in the South West Corner, River, Pond or valley in South. Suitable for ladies organisation and people in politics.

Road on one direction

  • Road in South and Downward slopes in South or Western side very good for woman organisation and business related to them. Provided the gate is kept in positive position of South side.
  • Road in East/North / South Corners like

North East

South East

South West

The carriage way / width of Road depends upon the type of road and its uses. As a guide lines the Vastu deficient activities should be away at least twice the height of building to minimize the effects of vaastu deficiencies.

Road Levels: The road should be at least 600mm below the plinth level of the plot. If the floor of a house is at lower level than road such building occupants will have bad health, financial instability and losses.

Roads Gradients: Roads are provided with cambers and gradient for draining of rain water to its natural directions of flows. Camber are provided to the sections with midpoint raising at center whereas gradient is provided in the length. The gradient may not be visible to eyes at times but it can be seen in rainy season when water flow out.

The gradients from West to East or South to North are good and will bring prosperity, happiness and growth to the people living near such roads whereas adverse / reverse gradient will bring failures and disappointments.


                   Good Gradients                                                                                               Bad Gradients


              West                                                                                     East


East (Financial Prosperity)                                                                                                          West (Unrest and disputes)

                                                     South                                                                                                  North


North (Happiness and growth)                                                                                                                     South (Failures and looser)

           South West                                                                                        North East


North East (Prosperity)                                                                                                                                     South West (Poverty)