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Without Soul Body Is Considered As Dead

In The Same Way , Without Energy Architecture Is Considered To Be Without Soul                                                                   

Body + Soul = Living Being

Architecture + Energy (Vastu) Architecture =Building With Positive Life

When an engineer makes a machine he knows what it is going to do or make for example if he is making a fruit juicer machine he knows well it will crush the fruit and extract the juice. In the same way when one make one of the most important machines that is building in which human being lives. Ever you think how building works on you in which you live.

Building is like a machine. At energy level – it supports you and it also distract & exploit you if it is make wrongly.

Thus, we consider architecture in totality as a combination of engineering parts of architecture and energy part of architecture and spiritual part of architecture. This way when we design a building we design and make it to support, grow make person of better health. He feels better harmony with the space in a balance energy environment.


Climate - Environment at micro and macro level, direction of winds ,Sun conditions, Weather nearby water bodies, mountains, industries  etc.)

Geographical Conditions - position of the particular plot in global context

Energy Body of The Building  - Vastu Purusha (mandala)

Energy takes its shape and characteristic depending on shape and orientation of the building . This also depends on the material used in construction, the land and persons living in. that there is a scientifically proven connection between the body and the building. "There are four critical factors that contribute to and affect the energy levels of a structure: the earth's energy grid, the human energy axes, colors and the five elements. The human body exhibits four basic energy axes-the vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and diagonal. These axes are affected by the earth's energy grid and other energy influences, mainly that of the sun and moon."

Interestingly, recent scientific studies reported in the Journal of Neuroscience show that the neurons in our brain actually fire differently depending on the direction we are facing. There are also 'place neurons' in the brain, which signal our body's orientation in a room or environment Energy readings are taken by our machines in context of quantum frequency

Electromagnetic Stresses In The Building --

This is one of the most important phenomenon which may make your building sick or healthy .There are certain types of underground stresses may be due to under ground stream of water, may be due to underground burial of something etc.

Geopathic Stress is a term describing illness caused by energies in our environment, be they natural energies or man made. Sick Building Syndrome is also a term which you may have heard which describes problems of ill health as a direct result of inhabiting certain buildings. The onset of illness caused by a radiating energy source can take many forms depending on one's individual weaknesses. Energies in the environment give off radiations, as everything does which is made up of atoms. And, of course, everything in the physical universe is made up of atoms.

These subtle radiations or vibrations slowly impinge on our bio-system and break down the resistance of our immune system, by constantly giving it too much work to do. Imagine sitting under an x-ray machine for several hours a day. It wouldn't take long to begin to suffer illness. As the immune system begins to fail to rectify the damage done by subtle radiations of this invisible attack, the weakest point in our body usually begins to fail first, closely followed by other systems. It can start out by just feeling regularly under the weather or tired all the time, to the build-up of stress, headaches, loss of direction, emotional and mental problems to more serious illnesses and even death. The death certificate will say something like, 'Renal Failure'. What it will not say, is what led to the condition.

Astral, Quantum And Ayurva Frequencies Of The Building And Client --

It is essential part of our system to check and calculate these frequencies of clients so that vastu laws can be derived for them on their personal level .Always remember that Vastu laws are personalized ; these can’t be generalized .

There is close relation in Astrology and Vastu. The directions are ruled by planets, e.g., East by The Sun, West by Saturn, Northeast by Jupiter etc. Our Horoscope is a directional map of Zodiac at the birth time. Ascendant ( Lagna) or 1st house shows East direction, 7th house west, 10th house north and 4th house south. Signification of 12 houses of horoscope and directions in Vaastu are close related. Moon signify and have control over water, as well as other planets signify different things and matter. We consider each individual horoscope as a different case. If a person ruling by Saturn, then East direction govern by the Sun will be not beneficial for him. West direction govern by Saturn can only give him better result, as well as Blue shades will give him more beneficial results. If a person ruling by Venus, then Jupiter’s direction cans North-East, reduce his Venus planet's beneficial energy. If we change his direction accordingly Venus, he will enjoy more positive result of Venus. Thus, Astral Frequency Gives Right Direction And Color For You.

In any individual household, there will be a number of energies in the background. Sometimes these are relatively harmless, but more often than not they are impinging on your health in some way. There is usually a combination of different energy factors which can affect the residents in numerous, debilitating ways. Each individual may suffer different symptoms as a result of the same energy within the same household. This is due to us all being different, all having different strengths and weaknesses. These energy are what people feel when they walk into a house and can tell whether it is a happy or sad place

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