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Vastu Tips for a Strong Front Door - Samkhya Vastu Blog Articles
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Activate the Mouth of Material Energy

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In Vāstu, one of the first places to look at in your home is the front door. You want to have a strong front door so that you can welcome positive energy. When energy can flow easily into your home, this energy brings along with it abundance and ease. 

The front door refers to the official, formal front door of the home, office. It’s also referred to as the mouth of life force, the portal of energy. Some homes may have secondary doors that are used on a daily basis. This is okay, however the mouth of life force is your formal front door. If you never use it, you are block out energy and opportunities. Therefore, it’s essential to activate your front door regularly. You can do this by simply opening and walking through it at least every nine days. Daily is better, I recommend you make it part of your routine, like when you go for the mail, any work always walk through the front door.

De-clutter and Clean

Of all the areas in your home, the front door area is probably one of the more neglected areas when it comes to clutter and regular cleaning. 

When is the last time you wiped down your front door? I’m talking about the interior side, the exterior side, and the edge. Incredible amounts of debris accumulates at the front door. Giving this area more attention ensures that positive energy can come into your home.

The entry area also tends to be a place where all sorts of clutter accumulates. There are shoes and coats, bags of items ready to go off to donation, bags of rubbish, mail and packages, the list goes on and on. This creates stagnation and closes off your portal for good qi from entering your home. Also, your unconscious mind sees this clutter every time you enter your home. It’s not very relaxing and it creates stress.

Brighten the Entry

Lighting is important in the front door area because it brings in the fire element. The fire element is recognition and how you’re seen in the world. We want to see and be seen with clarity and brightness like the sun. 

A few tips to brighten your entry 

  • Clean the light fixtures, dust prevents the light from shining through.
  • Paint the ceiling a bright flat white color.
  • Clean any glass to invite the most daylight through.
  • Change the bulb to a higher wattage dimmable bulb.
  • Add additional light fixtures if possible.

Note, the front door area doesn’t have to have light fixtures on the highest setting, it’s more about the potential for brightness and clear seeing.

Note, the front door area doesn’t have to have light fixtures on the highest setting, it’s more about the potential for brightness and clear seeing.

Open the Flow of Life Force Energy

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Let’s not overlook the path to the front door. Take a few minutes and walk outside your front door, all the way to the street. You can imagine a friend is visiting you for the first time. Walk the steps your friend would make to your front door from the street. 

  • Is it a clear path to the front door?
  • Can you see the street number of the house/building/apartment clearly? Is it clean and easy to read?
  • Are there any blocks or obstacles? 
  • Is the front door hidden?
  • Do you have a doorbell that functions properly? Is it easy to find and use?
  • Is there confusion? Would your friend get lost?

If your friend can’t find your front door, good energy, prosperity, and opportunities will also have a challenging time reaching you. Do what you can to create a clear path to the front door so you have all the life force energy heading your way!

Care For Your Front Door

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The hardware on the front door is another area that is neglected. When you have a moment, open your front door from both inside and outside. What do you notice?

  • Are there any difficulties opening the door?
  • Does the door, lock or any part of the door stick?
  • Do the hinges squeak?
  • Does the hardware need polishing?
  • Is everything in working order, including the doorbell?

All these little obstacles affect you in your everyday life. Just like a stone can be worn away by tiny drops of water over time, these difficulties add up and affect your well-being. We speed and rush through so many things in our life nowadays, we may not consciously notice. But paying attention to these details provides ease, relaxation. 

Front Door Challenges

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Finally, there are some architectural details that are Vastu defects or challenges to watch out for

  • A front door aligned directly with another exterior door or window, If you have this situation, you can place a piece of furniture halfway in between the two. 
  • Remove any sharp or pointed objects directed toward the front door. 
  • A wall or a stair directly aligned with the front door and under five feet away. This creates a block in energy. You can open up the energy by directing the eye to the right or left of the wall or stair with a captivating object like colorful fresh flowers or a dazzling piece of art.