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Temples / Mosques / Churches / Gurdwara’s/Mutts/Dharamshala

It should not be in the immediate neighborhood of the plot and the shadow of temple, temple post or tree should not be cast on the plot. The plot should be at least 50M away from the Temple boundary.

Various deities have varying influences on the occupants depending upon the plot location with reference to the Temple or such other structures. If plot is located on the right side of it, it causes mental problem like disturbed mood, sorrow, worries whereas a plot on the left side causes materialistic problems like stagnation of financial gains/losses, and no improvement in success rates, plot in front of such a structure causes obstruction and sudden eruption of problems, while plot at the rear side will cause fall in financial prosperity and status.

  • Ma Durga Temple leads to sickness and ill health to female members.
  • Lord Vishnu Temple leads to fear of robbery, ill health to male members and financial instability.
  • Lord Shiva Temple lead to disturbance with in the family members, misunderstanding, and decrease in prosperity.
  • Lord Hanuman Temple leads to fear of fire and obstruction in progress.
  • Dharamshala or Mutts: Such structure cause disturbed mind and bad habits.

The other reasons in modern context of not living in the vicinity of religious places are the high level of noise pollution of loud speakers, crowds, problem of parking’s and safety of occupants etc.

Poles and Trees

Electric / Telephone or sewerage vent poles: such an obstruction in front of the main entrance to a plot or main door causes problem to female members of the family and if exactly in opposite side of the main entrance or close to the entrance, it will lead to discord between the family whereas trees will cause obstruction to growth of children. High rise Structures /Hoardings/Large Size Plots.

The presence of small height structures or a small size plot between two high rise/ large size plot/ buildings does not give good results, as these tall buildings will cast their shadows on the small height structure.

The tall/high rise buildings on South and West are welcome, however, tall buildings on North, East and North East are not desirable as they will cause mental and financial unrest.

Similar are the effect on account of hoardings, flyovers and subways.

Electric Sub Stations/ Feeder Pillars

All electric current flowing equipment should be located in South East corner. The feeder pillar, electric substation should be at a higher level. Location in this direction will bring materialistic gain to a business.

Slaughter House

The plot or building should not be near such structures, as they will cause obstructions to financial and physical prosperity. Cemeteries

The presence of cemeteries with in the vicinity causes mental instability, disturbed peace of mind and ill health to the occupants.

Garbage bins or Garbage collection centre

Such structures in vicinity leads to losses in financial prosperity, ill health and unwanted argument irrespective of the placement of such structures.