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Man-made features in close proximity to buildings or plots have their own effects. Normally a building is said to be in close proximity if the shadow of neighboring structure falls on the plot/building.

It has been noticed such man-made structures may not have been there at the time of acquiring the plot but with passage of time they come up.

The buildings in such proximity, affect the quality of life of the occupants of the building. It influences the mental and physical outlook of the occupants and the extent of its, depends upon the buildings in vicinity, immediate neighbors, and there life styles.

The Neighborhood keeps on changing over which the occupants do not have any control. The changes may be in the form of construction of Flyovers, High rise structures, hoarding etc. There are even instances where the prosperity of the occupant totally changed on account of such man-made structures.

As a general guide line, the shadow of such structures should not fall on the occupant's plots / buildings between 0900 hours to 1500hours and the North, East directions should not be heavy.