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VASTU AND NATURE - Samkhya Vastu Blog Articles
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Vastu is derived from the Word Vasti, which means place of residing or house, or Ghar.

The origin of Vastu can be traced to centuries back and some of its principles are available in various Vedas and scriptures. Vastu is basically "a Vidya of building structures”. Hence all structures irrespective of their use Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Temple, etc. comes under its purview.

Vastu Deals with

  • Principles involved in selection of site and shape of plot.
  • Configuration of plan specifying orientation of rooms or location of production areas.
  • Selection of building materials to be used.
  • Dimension of various rooms or areas. Before we proceed further we should study the followings:

 Origin of Universe and the solar system

The origin of Universe is said to be dating back to about 14.70 billion years. The most accepted theory is the Big bang theory, which is that the Universe started with an explosion.

As far as origin of planets is concerned it is believed that the cloud of gas and dust condensed to form the solar system about 5000 million year ago.

The Inner planets are Mercury and Venus situated between the Earth and the Sun, whereas the outer planets are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are situated far away from the earth. Their orbits are outside the earth orbit.

Solar System

The solar system comprises of the Sun and several celestial bodies like Stars, Planets, Satellites, asteroids and comets, which revolve around the Sun. It is therefore essential to have fair idea of the solar system and how it affects life on the earth.

The Stars

If we look at the sky on a clear night we see millions of stars twinkling. Some of them are really even bigger than the Sun. Being far away from us, they look tiny and their light and heat does not reach us in sufficient quantity to cause their effects. Sun too is a star, comparatively being nearer to us, it looks very big and the light and heat emitted by it affects us on the earth. Early Morning Sun's ultra violet rays contains abundant of Vitamin "D" and cures many diseases, infra-red rays emitted by sun in the noon i.e. after 11.00 hours are harmful.


A band of stars consisting of millions of stars including the sun, stars asteroids and comets is called the galaxy. There are several such galaxies in the sky. The galaxy that includes the Sun is also known as the Milky Way.

The Sun

Sun who is being worshipped as visible God all over the world from time immemorial, is the head of the solar system. Sun is a glowing big ball of 13, 92,000 kilometers. Diameter, made of gases and mostly of hydrogen, which is continuously changing to helium by fusion generating a temperature of 6,000 degree centigrade. Sun is the main source of light and heat not only for us living on earth, but for other planets too. If moon and other planets shine, that is only due to the reflection of Sun's light falling on them. They do not have light or heat of their own.

Several planets orbit around the Sun. Earth is one of them it is the only planet known to us where life exists. In other planets like Mercury, Venus, etc. which are nearer to Sun, because of the heat, no life is possible and Jupiter, Saturn too have no life because of extreme cold conditions and being far away from the Sun.

Sun it is a star, it is the biggest star visible to us among millions of stars. Sun moves around the centre of galaxy very slowly.

The Planets

Planets are celestial bodies rotating around the sun in orbit. They also rotate on their own axis. They are not hot bodies and do not have light. There are nine planets known to us which revolve around the sun in an elliptical path.

Planet With Indian Name

Distance From The Sun Million Kms.




Number Of Satellites


Earth (Prithvi)



Different Colours










South East






Corel Red





Golden Yellow


Saturn (Shani)













Silver White









This planet is 3rd in distance from the Sun and the only planet known to support life. It is believed that earth must have been formed 5000 million years ago. It is 12,706 kilometer in diameter at equator and 12714 kilometer in diameter at Poles, near about spherical in shape, it has oxygen, water, nitrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide etc. in its atmosphere and its climate is suitable for life. Approx. 25% of earth's surface is land and rest is occupied by water.

Earth revolves on its own axis and also orbits around the sun. One revolution of earth on its own axis takes nearly 24 hours which is known as a day, its one round of the sun takes 365.25 days which is called a year. Whereas, moon revolves round the earth as its satellite, it takes 29% days to complete an orbit round the earth. The Earth's Axis is titled at 23° -26 at the meridian.


Any natural body which orbits around a planet is a natural satellites. Now a days we send several artificial satellites in the space for varying objectives. In the Solar System there are 60 known satellites of varying sizes.

The Moon

Moon revolves round the Earth, creates tidal waves in the seas because of its magnetic forces, growing and diminishing in alternate fortnight, it influences our mind and feelings. Moon has no light of its own and get illuminated by the light reflected by Sun rays. The moon affects can be seen in the sea's tidal waves.


An Eclipse is total or partial disappearance of a celestial object behind another, when a celestial body comes within the shadow cast by another body or when the light from one celestial body is obscured by another an eclipse occurs. Eclipse is the temporary obscurest of brilliance of one's power. An eclipse always occur when particular heavenly body is at the best in brilliance and power. Eclipse of the Sun is called solar eclipse and takes place when the dark side of the moon faces the earth; in other words, moon comes between the sun and the earth. Eclipses do affect life on earth.


The belt of minor planets located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are called asteroids. The orbits of asteroids are in the gravitational influence of Jupiter. Orbits of some of the asteroids are highly elliptical so that they sometime come in between the orbits of Earth and Mars.


A Comet is a temporary member of the solar system and visits it at regular intervals. Comets are formed of ball of ice and dust in definite highly elliptical orbits around the Sun. Hailey’s comet is well known and appears once in 75 years, it is a rare guest to mother earth and has significant influence on our life.

It may be seen from above that, Satellites revolve around planets, planets orbit around the Sun, Sun rotates around the centre of galaxy. So their relative positions are ever changing bringing changes in seasons and climate which affect life on earth.

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