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Good Vasstu tips for Work and Office Space - Samkhya Vastu Blog Articles
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Office Vaastu Tips

Our vaastu tips for office will help you create vibrant and successful energy in your office space. No matter your office is a home office, a corner office or a small cubicle, vaastu can bring the desired energy when you know how to apply it.

Since we tend to spend many hours in the office, be mindful to also apply the vaastu health tips. Next, look into some tips for success and recognition, as everyone sure deserve it.

Explore our office tips which you can use for several cures that you can easily implement in your specific office space. These vaastu cures do not have to be dramatic, even a couple air purifying plants and smart nature images plus a better positioning of your office desk can do wonders for your well-being, and ultimately contribute to your career success. 

Office Vaastu Case Study

Vaastu for the office is as important an application of vaastu as in the bedroom. We tend to spend many hours at the office, be it a home office or an outside work environment. If you have been neglecting your office space, take some time now to pay attention to the vaastu of your office.

Office Air Purifying Plants

The best vaastu advice to keep in mind is to always be aware of the quality of the air in your office and do your best to improve it. Research shows that indoor pollution is much worse than the outdoor one. Is there a vaastu solution? Yes, there is! The best vaastu solution is to decorate your office with indoor plants

Vaastu Your Office Cubicle

When you work in a cubicle type office setting–which means that your office set-up cannot be changed–you have to pay even more attention to creating (and keeping) good energy throughout your day at the office. While you might not be able to move your office desk into a vaastu commanding position or face your lucky vaastu directions, but there are still many ways to improve the energy of your workspace. 

Keep Your Productivity Levels High

The stress we aren't aware of damages us the most, famous writer in his excellent book When the Body Says "No". Can vaastu help you identify the stress points in your office, and, more importantly, can vaastu help neutralize or eliminate them? Yes, it sure can.

Deal With a Blocking Wall in Your Office

In vaastu, the right location of walls can promote a good flow of energy and enhance the positive feelings in a home or an office. A challenging wall location will do just the opposite. There are several walls that can create potential vaastu challenges in your office space. 

Create Good Vaastu Backing in Your Office

Good vaastu backing means having strong, supportive, good vaastu energy behind your back. This usually applies to your office (the area behind your back while you are working at your desk) and your bedroom (the wall behind your bed/behind your headboard).

Find the Vaastu Commanding Position

The vaastu commanding position is an important notion to take into consideration when you set up your bedroom, your office, your living room, or when you are re-decorating any of these spaces. Why? Because being in a commanding position keeps your energy stronger and more protected.

Vaastu Tips for a Small Office with No Windows

If you spend many hours at the office, you have to find a way to make the office energy work for you, meaning it has to support your health and vitality. More often than not, this is a challenge, especially if your office has no windows, but good vaastu even in this office is not an impossible task.

How to Vaastu Your Home Office

In my experience, working from a home office presents two major challenges. The good news is that it is easy to overcome them if you know how to use vaastu to your advantage.

Do I Face the Wall or a Bad Direction?

If this is your office vaastu situation, then you might think you are encountering a big challenge. However, numerous offices have the same situation, but manage to create good office vaastu. So, let's see what you can do to improve the vaastu of your office.

Best Vaastu Positioning of an L-Shaped Office Desk

If you have been exploring vaastu for a while, you know how important it is to have your bed, as well as your office desk, face a good vaastu direction. Sometimes it is very easy to position your office desk, and sometimes you just have to use all your creativity to find the best vaastu energy spot in your office.

Vaastu Tips for Your Fame/Wealth Area

Taking good care of your vaastu fame area is very important in any office space. When this area is strong and balanced, the so-called fire energy of your business success is supported and working to attract more success to you.


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