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QUALITY OF PLOT - Samkhya Vastu Blog Articles
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Quality of Plot is determined by the environment around the plot, the environment of a site plays a major role in the comforts levels of the occupants. There are certain features, which can't be changed due to its nature where as some features can be modified to drive maximum gains or minimizes the bad effects "The basic" features affecting the results are:

* Physical Features: These are like Hills, Mounds, Valley, Lakes, River, Natural depressions, Trees, etc.

* Size of the plot,trees & plants

* Position of buildings: Abutting adjacent to Plot (Neighborhood Proximity)

These are the man made features in the vicinity of the plot like Houses, Temples, High rise or low rise Buildings, Industry, Water Bodies, Slaughter houses, Cemeteries, Flyovers, Subways, Hoardings, Electric sub stations etc.

* Position of Roads and their placement: The plot is governed by the placement of roads, number of road around the plot or building, their levels and direction of slopes.

* The angles of the plot:

The effects of above various components on Vastu of plot and its occupants are detailed here under

Physical Features

The naturally occurring features are having much more effects than the man made features, as these natural features have been in existence over a long period and will continue to be there for times to come. The effects of these features, depending upon the various contributory factors:

* Hills/Mountain/Mound

 In Metro cities these natural features may not be available but they have been taken over by the high rise structures. The presence of such natural features in the South, South West, and West i.e. between 180° to 270° with reference to Magnetic North will enhance the Vastu of the plot and will give excellent results. The results will be adverse when such structure are in exact East, North East or North i.e. between 0° to 90° from magnetic North.

The shadow of such natural Hills/Mound should not fall on the plot. The effects in the various directions are as under:

Water Bodies

There are two types of water bodies, classified as stagnant bodies like Lake, Sea, Ponds and flowing water bodies like river, canal, and swimming pool. It has been observed that natural ground slopes towards water bodies as the water only accumulates in depression. Staying near water bodies has its own merits and demerits.

Prosperity is promised near large water bodies but at the same time it can also cause mental depression, if the water bodies are just opposite to the bedroom or kitchen.

The effects of stagnant/large water bodies on the occupants are:

Running Flow of Water

River, Canals etc., but not the open sewerage nallah or drains.

The above features may not be a regular feature these days. Numbers of cities in the past were located on the banks of rivers with habitation on either side of banks. With the spread of development these rivers/canals forms central part of such cities. In some cases even the sewerage drain forms centre of the city like in Delhi the Najafgarh drain, runs in the middle of West and North Delhi at places for several miles. It has been emphasized in Vastu that the river flowing from West to East and South to North brings prosperity whereas flow of sewerage drain in these conditions will not allow prosperity. The river flow in different directions has different effects on occupants.