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The principles of Vastu Shastra - Samkhya Vastu Blog Articles
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Our Maharishis always wanted to ensure the happiness and prosperity of all the living being whether human being or the environment around us. They always showed great concern about the prosperity and happiness of all.

They evolved various codes of conducts for living, which are contained in our ancient script like Vedas and Upanishads.

Some of the very important Rishis and Maharishis who developed the norms for Vastu applied are:

* Atri Rishi,

* Anirudha


* Brispati Rishi

* Brahma




* Vishwakarma

The details are available in Vastu Shastra by Vishavkarma, Vasturatnavli, Matsypuran, Samargana Sutradhara, Lilavati, Silpratna, Brihatsamhita, Rajavallabha, Narad Samhita, Manasar, Mayamata. Puranas like Skanda, Matsya, Garuda, Narad Linga, Vayu and Brahmanda.

Our Rishis and Maharishis were great visionaries who could see thousand years ahead. They explained the mystics and mysteries of vast universe, the effect of planets on living beings, their characteristics much before the present day researches. They visualise the constant magnetic gravitational flow in space flowing from North East to South West which has been depicted in Vastu Purusa, with the head in North East, foot towards South West and it represent dwelling unit. Vastu Purusa works in Tandem with Kala Purusha who signifies the kala i.e. Time. The Vastu and Kala Purusha jointly influence the earth and living being there. Easterly Sun ensured the purification of the East area by the morning Sun while West direction by the Sun in evening whereas South-North axis provided circulation of air and utmost benefit of cool air/Breeze.

All the living and non-living object in nature are produced, protected and perish under the influence of Solar rays. The solar light is divided into three segments. The visible segment is from deep blue to deep red where as other two are infrared (malefic rays) and ultra violet (benefic rays).

Very often we hear about environment protections, green house effects, pollution etc., our fore father/ ancestors knew much better how to live in better environment with the basic five components i.e. Space, Earth, Air, Water and Fire. They synchronised their act within the above five elements. They worshiped them at one time or the other to get their beneficence.

The building constructed by our ancestors were purely based on Vastu dictum even now in states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, they follow the Vastu dictum to possible extent even the workers in Rajasthan know and can guide the house owner with their knowledge and wisdom about the location of various area's in case of serious mistakes.

These days most of the time is spent on the detail like structure, external elevations, heights, beauty, appearance and cosmetic beauty but not much time is spent on the comforts level without going into the detail of prosperity and happiness. It is deemed and considered that the native who is building a house will have eternal happiness by staying in, how many percentage are having happiness and prosperity is the question to be answered. Our ancestor spent the time on internal planning and then moved to external whereas in present environment, the maximum time is spent on external planning and then internal planning follows, with such type of planning they have only to adjust the room/area's and call them or name them as per his/their convenience. We come across the buildings/mass housing societies which are under construction for quite some time and are not completed or occupied, while some building which are constructed in shortest possible time and people living there in have prospered with certain modifications and they have improved upon their standards of prosperity, peace and happiness.

There are ancient buildings, which were constructed as per Vastu dictum and brought prosperity and flourished, few of them are the temple of Tirupathi, Badrinath and latest once are Chattarpur, Birla Mandir New Delhi, Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh and cities like Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bangalore. If we see the Vastu of India we will observe that it has number of defects ranging from mountains in North, North East, Water in South, South West and depression in South West. The saving grace is that country is slopping from West to East. India has been invaded time to time by one group of invader or other and now also we are facing problem from our neighbourors regularly. Further the ethical value of our Politicians and Leaders in general is at the lower end, similarly the poverty, sickness etc. are increasing day by day.

Our sages and saints developed the Vastu science after a great deal of research and experimentation and evolved a common platform to be adhered to for construction.

The principles of Vastu Shastra relates to:

  • Selection of city/place or town based on the individual name and birth details (not possible in the present environment due to shortage of space in urban and semi urban areas).
  • Selection of benefic direction thereby ensuring transformation of magnetic energy.
  • Selection of size of plot to suit the requirement.
  • Analysing soil and its quality to suit Varna (The Varna based division are not possible).In olden days the site categorization was done based on the four Varna’s and colour of soil. These classifications are not possible in these days due to non-availability of desired land.

The Varna’s are (not based on caste classification)

  • Brahmin site: It is a square site shape, whitish in hue and without defects. Such site brings happiness to occupants. Such land slopes towards the North the soil is sweet and fraganent land. Sweet taste is associated with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter signifies wisdom, spirituality expansion and happiness the colour white is associated with Northern direction thus the ruling planet are Jupiter and Venus.
  • Kshatriya Site: It is a rectangular shape site where length is up to 1.50 times of the width of the plot it is reddish in colour and slopes towards the East. Soil is bitter/astringent in taste. The bitter taste and red hue is associated with mars. Thus the ruling planets are Sun and Mars. Red is colour associated to East direction such site brings success.
  • Vaishya Site: It is a rectangular site where length is 1.5 times and up to 2 times the width of the Plot. It is yellow in hue and soil taste sour. Yellow and sour taste is associated with South direction and ruled by Venus. The site slopes towards South such site are beneficial and bring financial prosperity.
  • Shudra Site: It is rectangular site where length is more than two times the width, the soil is black and pungent is taste. The pungent taste and black hue is associated with West direction and the planet associated is Saturn. The site slopes towards West will bring prosperities,
  • Layout of the building showing various components required for happy living and prosperity.
  • Laying of foundation i.e. Muhurta.
  • Actual construction of building.
  • Materials selection (with the passage of time the quality and requirement to be modified)
  • Landscaping and Plantation.
  • Greh Parvesh i.e. Muhurta for entry and house warming.

The positive or negative effects of Vastu can't be seen but are felt by the natives / occupants from time to time. It is also seen that in two identical buildings the standard of happiness, prosperity varies to a great extent.

The basic causes for such variations are:

  • The vibration of the building plot when they were purchased / acquired.
  • The Birth details of the owners/natives or date of incorporation of business.
  • The time of construction of buildings and its various components.
  • Muhurta for various activities
  • Direction of building
  • Nature of uses The Vastu objectives are to ensure: home, industrial, commercial, institutional.
  • Mental peace and happiness.
  • Good health.
  • Name, fame, status and financial prosperity.
  • Good family and family life.
  • Good education to progeny and happiness from them.
  • Happy and cordial relationship with the relatives and family members.

The answer to all the above queries lies in the Astrological and Vastu parameters. It has to be understood that both are interwoven to each other and results can't be achieved in isolation.

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