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Aromatherapy Services by Samkhya Vastu
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Aromatherapy and its benefits



Aromatherapy is a universal healing treatment that uses various aromatic plant compounds and plant extract to ail various diseases. These plant extracts are often called essential oils. These essential oils improve a person’s health by treating his body, mind, and spirit. It improves person’s health both emotionally and physically. Recently, aromatherapy has gained a lot of attention, and the reason behind this is its positive influence that people are experiencing. The history of aromatherapy is 6000 years old, ancient people of countries like India, China, and Egypt, etc. use to incorporate these aromatic components in oils, resins, and balms.

Various uses of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy helps to treat various diseases like depression, insomnia, asthma, fatigue, inflammation, menstrual issues, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, menopause, circulatory problem, hair loss, muscular aches, etc. Aromatherapy treats various issues, and to treat these various issues a wide range of aroma oils are used. Different aroma oils and their different combinations have different uses and different effects on the body. As each essential oil has its chemical configuration, although being very advantageous, it needs to be used properly otherwise, it can lead to unwanted results like rashes, headaches, nausea, skin irritation, asthma attack, allergic reaction, etc. These are the reason why you should never take these oils on your own without any guidance.

Best way to take aromatherapy

To take the full advantage of aromatherapy without facing any trouble, one must consult a trained therapist regarding this. Aromatherapy is taken by sense of smell and skin absorption. This process require various products like diffusers, inhalers, creams, body oils, lotion, bathing salts, aromatic spritzers, etc. At Samkhya Vastu, we understand different issues of individual people, and that is why provide them with the trained professional aromatherapist and use required equipment to provide our clients with the best aroma experience. We understand the individual pain and uneasiness and that is why provide them with solutions that can relieve their pain as soon as possible.

Aromatherapy from experts

Aromatherapy is one of those things our acharya Sanjay S Mendiratta and acharya Rajiv Trilochan master at. Our acharyas have treated many people in the past and have provided them with effective solutions. Acharya depending upon the individual’s problems suggest him with the single essential oil or with a blend of oils. These oils and their combinations not only treat one problem but leaves a positive impact on the entire body of an individual. People from all across the world seek their help to resolve their different physical and psychological problems. If you are too seeking help regarding any such issues then, you can contact us without a doubt, you can even have a consultation with us regarding your problem.