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About us - Samkhya Vastu
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At different points of our lives, we all face hardships whether it’s in our personal or professional life, and at times like this, all we seek for is authentic and effective help. People from all over the world holds firm believe on Indian metaphysics to solve their various life issues and the reason behind this are the people like Acharya Ssanjay Mehndiratta and Acharya Rajiv Trilochan. They are renowned metaphysician and are respected for their knowledge in Indian Vastu, astrology, numerology and divination. As Acharya they understand that what people are looking for is solution for their problems and telling them what their problem is will cause no use, and so unlike others, apart from diagnosing the problems they give them effective solutions. Over 23 years of combined work from the two masters are invested in the accuracy of their calculations with the intent of sharing our knowledge & service with the world.

What makes them different?

Most of the metaphysician emphasise on the thinking that things which are about to happen will happen automatically but that’s not what people want to hear they want genuine solutions for their problems and that’s what Acharya Ssanjay Mehndiratta and Acharya Rajiv Trilochan believes in providing. Now for different problems people often seek for different solutions like, Vastu, Numerology, Astrology and Aromatherapy. To resolve this problem of their clients both the Acharya’s provides the combined solution using Vastu, numerology and astrology. Unlike others they provide their clients with easy yet effective solutions, so that they can achieve what they aspire to.


About Acharya Ssanjay Mehndiratta


Acharya Ssanjay Mehndiratta is a Delhi university graduate. He holds a vast experience in the field of IT, Export-import, and real estate sectors. He started his business at a very young age. He has been practicing as a Vastu consultant for more than 9 years and serving people all across the world. He holds several certifications while aiming to master the art of Vastu. He’s an Vastu consultant, astrologer, numerologist, aroma therapist, and Reiki healer all in one. With his knowledge and systematic scientific approach he has helped hundreds of people providing them with effectual results for their several problems whether it’s personal or professional, which makes him popular in the Vastu world. His clients mostly include business owner and people working in the service sector. No matter where you live or what your problems are he can provide you with the best solutions for your problems. Although he’s based in Delhi NCR, to provide his client with prominent solutions he travels to different cities and different parts of the world.